Middle School Programs – Duke Center for Science Education (2023)

Action Science Camp for Young Women
Hands-on laboratory experience in the laboratory and Duke Forest field sites are completed during this summer session camp. Critterology, Wild Crafting, Land Forms and Arborology are jus a few topics covered.

Adventures in Alice Programming
Alice is a 3D virtual world programming environment that makes it easy for teachers of middle and high school students to create animations for either story telling or interactive games in class and presentations. A three week summer course for teachers in the Durham, NC region helps them use Alice and develop curricula with the aid of Duke Faculty and students.
Contact: Susan Rodgerrodger@cs.duke.edu

Biosciences and Engineering Camp
Hands-on laboratory experiments are performed in Pratt School of Engineering and Duke Medical Center Labs during this summer session camp. Topics covered include sensing, mechanics, communication and energy.

CIBL: The Center for Inquiry-Based Learning
CIBL includes a group of scientists and science educators who are developing exercises and training teachers in the use of multidisciplinary, hands-on, minds-on, discovery methods for teaching K-8 science. The goal is to enrich science teaching in schools and to make science more accessible and interesting to a wide range of students of varying skill levels and educational backgrounds.
Contact: Gary Ybarragary@duke.eduor Dave Smithdavesmith@duke.edu

(Video) Duke Biosciences and Engineering Camp for Middle School Students

Chemistry Outreach Program
The focus of the Chemistry Outreach Program is to share chemistry with the community via chemistry demonstrations and/or hands-on activities staged at a variety of venues including schools, tertiary institutions, libraries, and museums, among others. Each program is tailored to the needs of the individual or individuals requesting a presentation. The presentations are designed to be informative and to provide positive role models of individuals who are interested in and enthusiastic about doing chemistry.
Contact: Ken Lylekenneth.lyle@duke.edu

FEMMES: Females Exceling More in Math, Engineering, and Science
FemalesExcellingMore inMath,Engineering andScience is an annual, one-day event that provides an exciting, hands-on experience for 4th-6th grade girls. This program provides an engineer/scientist and four interactive activities that are designed and led by Duke female faculty members in order to demonstrate that women can and do excel in these fields.

InnoWorks is a student-found and student-run organization that designs and implements innovative workshops and programs in science and engineering. Founded by William Hwang in the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University, the program now has several chapters in the US.
Contact: Xiaoxi Fengxiaoxi.feng@duke.edu

MedSplash: Jump into Medical Sciences
MedSplash is free, one-day science and medical camp for rising 8th & 9th graders of Duke Employees. Acitivities offer hands on opportunities to explore how the human body works using the many resources available at Duke.
Contact: Christy Ahnchristy.ahn@duke.edu

(Video) Duke Neuro Camp

MUSIC: Math Understanding through Science Integrated with Curriculum
MUSIC is a curriculum enhancement program that focuses on the integration of engineering problem solving with the standard course of study. MUSIC places graduate and undergraduate Teaching Fellows from the Pratt School of Engineering in elementary and middle schools across NC. The Teaching Fellows spend 10 hours per week at their partnership school assisting teachers with the creation and delivery of hands-on activities that provide meaningful contexts in which children apply math and science concepts. This program is part of theEngineering K-PhD Program.
Contact: Paul Klenkpak@duke.eduor Gary Ybarragary@duke.edu

PLTW: Project Lead The Way
PLTW is a pre-engineering program for middle and high school students that seeks to create dynamic partnerships with our nation’s schools to prepare an increasing and more diverse group of students to be successful in engineering and engineering technology programs. Courses such as Digital Electronics, Introduction to Engineering Design, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Biotechnical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering offer students the opportunity to apply math and science concepts to real world problem solving. Project Lead the Way also provides extensive professional development for teachers and school counselors.
Contact: Nancy Shawnshaw@ee.duke.eduor Gary Ybarragary@duke.edu

RoboCupJunior is an educational initiative that helps teams of students build and program mobile robots to perform a variety of challenges. Students will learn and apply the scientific, mathematical, and technological fundamentals behind the construction of robots and the design of control algorithms. Science and robotics-related research demonstrations at Duke supplement weekly after school meetings at Durham School of the Arts with undergraduate student mentors. The project staff conducts competitions for the students and workshops for interested teachers.
Contact: Jeffrey Forbesforbes@cs.duke.edu

SENSOR: Student Engineers Network: Strengthening Opportunities in Research Saturday Academy
The SENSOR Saturday Academy is a pilot program for twenty eighth grade students in North Carolina that is designed to reach underrepresented minority students with the aptitude for math and science, but little exposure to scientific research as a career. During four Saturday sessions, students are exposed to inquiry-based learning and research through the study of sensors to evaluate water quality. In the fifth session, students use the skills they learn in the program during a field trip to the Duke Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, NC.
Contact: Adrienne Stiff-Robertsadrienne.stiffroberts@duke.edu

(Video) Duke STAR Program

SWIFT: Science Writers Investigative Field Trips
SWIFT is a series of engaging Saturday science activities followed by intensive writing. Students from Durhams’ Rogers-Herr and Githens Middle Schools participate in the program, a collaboration between Duke and UNC.
Contact: David Steindavid.stein@duke.edu

Techtronics: Hands-on Exploration of Technology in Everyday Life
Techtronics is an after-school science enrichment program where that introduces students to four branches of engineering: Electrical and Computer, Biomedical, Civil, and Mechanical. Through hands-on projects such as building solar powered cars, heart monitors, robots, AM radios and balsa wood structures, students learn how to work in teams to form ideas and bring those ideas to life. This program is part of theEngineering K-PhD Program.
Contact: Paul Klenkpak@duke.eduor Gary Ybarragary@duke.edu

TechXcite: Discover Engineering!
TechXcite is a national engineering after-school program partnership between the Duke Pratt School of Engineering, National, North Carolina 4-H, and the National Science & Technology Education Partnership [NSTEP]. The TechXcite Discover Engineering curriculum offers a rich and vibrant exploration of engineering, science, and technology. Curriculum themes include alternative energy sources, architecture, biotechnology, digital imaging, geographic information systems & global positioning systems [GIS/GPS], transportation, and wireless communication. This program is part of theEngineering K-PhD Program.
Contact: Paul Klenkpak@duke.eduor Gary Ybarragary@duke.edu

TIP (Talent Identification Program) Scholar Weekends
Duke TIP Scholar Weekends provide opportunities for academically talented students in grades 8-11 to take short courses during weekend-long programs at Duke University and select universities. Courses introduce numerous topics, including advanced science, which may not be available in students’ local schools. Coursework provides enrichment, sharpens skills, and helps students define pathways to college majors and careers. In addition, Scholar Weekends provide a glimpse into the collegiate experience and an opportunity for participants to interact with similarly motivated peers.
Contact: (919) 668-9100

(Video) Duke Youth Programs - Academic Life

TIP Summer Studies Program, Institutes and Field Studies
The Duke TIP Summer Studies Programs provide summer opportunities for academically gifted 7th-10th grade students to study science (and other subjects) in-depth in unique Duke TIP courses at Duke University, and other select colleges and universities around the country. Students can also participate in Duke TIP Institutes, and Domestic and International Field Studies, which offer opportunities for exploration, learning, and research around the world. Duke TIP programs challenge students intellectually while providing a residential environment that encourages the development of friendships with similarly motivated peers and mirrors the college experience.
Contact: (919) 668-9100

Duke Youth Programs
Duke Youth Programs has provided summer academic enrichment programs for academically motivated youth for over 20 years. Each summer approximately 650 youth from around the nation and world, representing some 22 states and 5 different countries, attend one of our summer programs. Programs are offered in the areas of science, performing arts, writing, and college selection/admissions.
Contact: Thomas Pattersontpatters@duke.eduoryouth@duke.edu

WAM: Women and Mathematics Network
WAM links eighth grade girls, nominated by their teachers in Durham and Wake County Schools, with female professionals in the mathematics or science-related fields to encourage young women to continue studies and learn about careers in which mathematics plays a role.
Contact: Chantal Shafrothcmshafroth@earthlink.net

WOODS: Wilderness Outdoor Opportunities for Durham Students
Woods is a program run by Duke Students promoting nature and environmental experiental education in the Durham area. Aspects of ecology, the environment, and basic nature principles are taught through team building exercises, games, and spending time outdoors.

(Video) Duke Biosciences and Engineering Camp for High School Students


Summer Science Sleuths at Duke
Summer Science Sleuths at Duke is a two-week, residential, recreational summer camp presented by the Duke Center for Science Education on the campus of Duke University in Durham, NC.

Active, bright, curious campers will be chosen through an online application process. We are looking for campers who have a broad range of interests that include science (even if science isn’t your strongest interest). Summer Science Sleuths will engage a diverse group of campers from anywhere in the US. Campers will discover that almost everything they do is connected to science. Along the way, campers might also find that science is fun and that science is a key element to their future – no matter what career they choose. Campers will explore the world of science through hands-on activities, games, puzzles, field trips, social events, crafts, recreational activities, visit with Duke’s ‘Superstar Scientists” and more.


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