How to work in K-pop industry as a foreigner: Ex-HYBE hiring manager (2023)

Article by Dong Sun-hwa
Video by Lee Min-young, Kim Kang-min

K-pop is not all about singers ― there are countless unsung heroes working behind the scenes to produce and promote albums who dedicate their sweat and tears.

(Video) [Q&A] how I got a job in KPOP industry | working fulltime at 21 years old | career & college advice

And with K-pop sweeping the world off its feet, more people are craving to carry out such a mission at K-pop record labels that incubate and manage stars. There is good news for them: music powerhouses here have ramped up hiring as they balloon in size. In the case of HYBE, home to phenomenal boy group BTS, the company currently has more than 60 job openings. In fact, the total number of its employees is 456 this year ― a leap from 73 in 2017.

How to work in K-pop industry as a foreigner: Ex-HYBE hiring manager (1)

INTERVIEW'K-pop labels will hire more foreigners to manage stars'

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2021-10-07 09:02|K-pop

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With many companies expanding their businesses overseas, an increasing number of opportunities are now open to foreigners, says Lee Sang-hwan, co-founder and CEO of Conexus Lab, which was founded in 2019 to provide educational resources for those seeking jobs in the lucrative K-pop industry. Prior to establishing Conexus Lab with his partner Kim Sung-kuk, Lee worked in human resources in many companies ― including HYBE, CJ ENM and JTBC ― for more than a decade.

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(Video) How to work in K-pop industry as a foreigner: Ex-HYBE hiring manager


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