Graduate Certificates in Real Estate Development (2023)

Graduate Certificates in Real Estate Development (1)

Certificate in Real Estate Development Analysis

The 9-unit, three-course Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development Analysis focuses on the fundamentals of real estate development and the processes by which public and private sector decisions are made. This certificate covers real estate development principles in the United States and the Southwest with an emphasis on Responsible Property Development.

You will gain an understanding of the historical development of real estate markets and the associated impacts on risk and return.

Our expert faculty will provide you with an understanding of land analysis processes and how these methods relate to the practice of real estate development.

In this certificate, you will:

  • Analyze how private developers conduct and finance their businesses
  • Survey the historical development of real estate markets and the impact on future risk and valuation
  • Perform feasibility analyses
  • Evaluate the role of private markets and the public sector in development processes


RED 507 Survey of Responsible Real Estate Development

There is an interest in assuring that real estate development of the future is more socially, environmentally, and economically responsible than in the past. Emerging research shows that responsible real estate development can produce competitive short-term and superior long-term financial returns. This introductory course will review sweeping changes occurring in real estate development.

Typically Offered:
Units: 3

RED 525 Real Estate Market Analysis

This course serves as a primer for the analysis techniques and data sources used to segment real estate markets, quantify demand, and evaluate competing supply. This course considers the balance of demand and supply as a key component to responsible real estate development.

Typically offered: Fall
Units: 3

RED 576 Land Development Process

A case-oriented approach to site selection, rezoning, financing, architectural design, economic feasibility, and other facets of the land development process. Graduate-level requirements include the completion of a series of research projects.

Main Campus and iCourse
Typically offered: Spring
Units: 3

Certificate in Real Estate Development Finance

The 12-unit, four-course Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development Finance focuses on the financial fundamentals of real estate development. Through this certificate, you will examine the capital markets and factors that shape the flow of funds into real estate investments.

Gain familiarity with standard real estate related datasets and learn how to acquire appropriate data, categorize and prioritize data and datasets and utilize appropriate financial modeling techniques to inform real estate development investment decisions.

You will gain the ability to assemble and assess financial data into real-world investment models. This will give you the skills you’ll need to make a clear, quantitative case for the cost and benefit of real estate development investment decisions.

This certificate will help you build core skills, including:

  • Internal rate of return (IRR) analysis
  • Proforma modeling
  • Acquisition/disposition analysis and decision-making
  • Financing analysis and decision-making
  • Maximizing real estate returns
  • Risk analysis


RED 501 Introduction to Real Estate Finance

The focus of this course is the analysis of capital formation in commercial real estate and examination of the tools real estate investors use to make investment decisions. The course includes sections on capital sources, investor concerns and hurdles, data sources, investment fundamentals and tools, discounted cash flow modeling, and pre-tax equity distributions for a range of partnerships.

On Campus and Online
Typically Offered:

RED 507 Survey of Responsible Real Estate Development

There is an interest in assuring that real estate development of the future is more socially, environmentally, and economically responsible than in the past. Emerging research shows that responsible real estate development can produce competitive short-term and superior long-term financial returns. This introductory course will review sweeping changes occurring in real estate development.

Typically Offered:
Units: 3

RED 585 Foundations of Economics for Planning and Real Estate

This is a core course that focuses on suite of economic approaches that broaden planners' and developers' ability to make informed economic decisions from the perspective of the public sector.

Typically offered:
Units: 3

RED 605 Advanced Real Estate Finance: Software and Technology

This course is designed to advance students' knowledge of the industry leading data and software required to succeed in real estate development and finance.Drawing on tools from CoStar, Real Capital Analytics, ARGUS, and Site To Do Business, the class illustrates use of the programs in the context of solving real estate development and finance problems.

In Person and Online
Typically Offered: Fall
Units: 3

Graduate Certificates in Real Estate Development (2)


Graduate Certificates in Real Estate Development (3)

Certificate in Real Estate Development Practice

The 12-unit, four-course Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development Practice focuses on the fundamentals of real estate development implementation through an in-depth analysis of development projects from project conception to final proposals. You will be exposed to construction methods and project management within the development process, and the tools and methods utilized in the public and private sectors.

Through this certificate, you'll gain an understanding of:

  • Real estate development entitlements
  • Project management techniques

You’ll also gain the ability to determine, describe and implement the steps required to develop a property from property acquisition to design and construction.


RED 507 Survey of Responsible Real Estate Development

There is an interest in assuring that real estate development of the future is more socially, environmentally, and economically responsible than in the past. Emerging research shows that responsible real estate development can produce competitive short-term and superior long-term financial returns. This introductory course will review sweeping changes occurring in real estate development.

Typically Offered:
Units: 3

RED 509 Due Diligence and Entitlements

This course provides students a review of the legal principles that inform and regulate the due diligence and entitlement process that is the basis of every successful real estate transaction.

On Campus and Online
Typically offered:

RED 515 Construction and Project Management

The objective of the course is to introduce real estate development students, and those from other majors and programs, to construction management as a component of the real estate development process.The course will introduce students to the fundamentals of building construction, project budget estimation, project management, scheduling, and project leadership.The course will focus both case analyses and discussions of best practices.Industry experts will provide insight and help guide the course substantively.The course will ask students to analyze decisions made by real estate developers about construction management and communicate clearly about construction management and its role in mitigating risk and enhancing project returns.

Typically offered:
Units: 3

RED 521 Placemaking and Urban Form

This course will introduce students to the fundamental concepts of urban design and urban form and the role these play in placemaking in cities, towns and suburbs. The course will cover the work of urban design theorists, variables that impact a community's sense of place, challenges and opportunities in modern city design, and methods to design more livable and sustainable cities.

Typically offered:
Units: 3

Graduate Student Handbook

  • View or download the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning Graduate Student Handbook

Certificate Admissions and Cost

To apply for a certificate you must submit a graduate certificate application throughthe UArizona Graduate College application system.

Application RequirementsYou must submit the following materials when applying for a graduate certificate:ResumeUnofficial undergraduate transcriptsEnglish proficiency score (international applicants only) Apply Now »
Application DeadlinesApplications for Certificates in Real Estate Development are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Apply by the following deadlines to begin: SPRING 2023 / FALL 2023Must apply 3 weeks before starting courses. Check enrollment dates or contact graduate coordinator. Apply Now »
Certificate Costs In-state, on-campus tuition and fees (7+ units):$5,969 tuition + $667 university feesOut-of-state, on-campus tuition and fees (7+ units):$16,033 tuition + $667 university feesOnline program tuition and fees per unit:$850/unit + $53 fees for 7+ unitsSubject to change. View UArizona Tuition Calculator »

Career Outcomes

The current employment outlook for most real estate sectors is strong, particularly in the South and West.In general, the industry currently has a maturing workforce that is leading to additional job opportunities for graduates, a trend expected to continue well into the future.

Program Partners

The University of Arizona Master of Real Estate Developmentprogram is accepted by theCertified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Institute as one of its University Alliance program participants. The CCIM’s University Alliance program creates several advantages for students. Primarily, it is designed to expedite how students earn CCIM designation after graduation.

Other program partners include:

Certificate students also connect with members of the local real estate development community.


Is it hard to get into a graduate certificate program? ›

In general, many graduate certificate programs have less stringent admissions requirements and are less selective compared to master's and doctoral degree programs.

Are graduate certificates worth it? ›

Are graduate certificates worth it? For many students, yes, a certificate is often the perfect tool to advance their careers. There are several benefits to graduate certificates that make them a valid option for some professionals and students.

Is it worth getting a masters in real estate development? ›

Earning a Master of Science in Real Estate can give you a big advantage over the competition and a boost in your career. There's a good chance you'll make more money at a real estate company, too, because you'll have the qualifications you need to apply for management jobs.

Are certifications better than Masters? ›

While a master's degree leads to an advanced credential in a field of study, professional certificates demonstrate the completion of courses relating to a specific occupation. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that certificates are the fastest-growing form of post-secondary credentials in the country.

How many credit points is a graduate certificate? ›

(8) a Graduate Certificate is normally 24 credit points (.

Does a graduate degree certificate look good on a resume? ›

Even if they're optional, these certifications can be a great addition to your resume. Even if they're not listed in the job description. Remember, the point of certificates on your resume is to prove to employers that you're a qualified candidate.

Do graduate certificates do anything? ›

A graduate certificate is not considered a graduate degree, like a master's or doctoral degree. However, it can provide a strong foundation for future study that results in a graduate degree. The credits earned in a graduate certificate program may satisfy requirements for entry into certain graduate programs.

What is a graduate certificate equal to? ›

a graduate certificate is the equivalent of one semester of full-time study, a graduate diploma is the equivalent of one year of full-time study, and. a master's by coursework may take between one year and two years of full-time study and usually (although not always) includes a research component.

Is a graduate certificate equivalent to a degree? ›

A graduate certificate (GradCert, GCert, GradC) is a higher education qualification at the same level as a bachelor's degree but more limited in scope, taking less time to complete - normally between one third and two thirds of an academic year (or full-time equivalent).

What degree do most real estate developers have? ›

The education needed to be a real estate developer is normally a bachelor's degree. Real estate developers usually study business, accounting or finance. 71% of real estate developers hold a bachelor's degree and 13% hold a master's degree.

What is the best degree for real estate development? ›

A bachelor's degree in real estate, business, or finance is an added advantage, but the only qualification you need to develop real estate is a license. If you're thinking of branching into real estate development, getting a real estate license should be first on your to-do list.

Can property developers make a lot of money? ›

However, property development in London is often lower risk compared to other areas of the UK since the demand for property here is consistently high. When the risks are managed well and the final product is worth more than the initial costs and development expenses, it can be a very lucrative business idea.

What certification pays the most? ›

Here is the list of Top 8 Highest Paying IT Certifications for 2023
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certified Professional Cloud Architect.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • PMI – Project Management Professional (PMP)
Jan 19, 2023

Do certificates make you more employable? ›

Once they earn a certificate, students can earn higher salaries in more desirable jobs, giving them an edge over others. Surveys consistently show that these students are also able to gain more employment and career advancement opportunities.

What certificate makes the most money? ›

High-Paying Certification Jobs in 2023
  • Full Stack Web Development.
  • Cloud Computing.
  • DevOps.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Business Analytics.
  • Data Science.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
3 days ago

How many hours is 3 graduate credits? ›

Three credit units require students to work on that course for about 135 hours (45x3) in some combination of class/instructional time and independent time. Four credit units require students to work on that course for about 180 (45x4) hours in some combination of class/instructional time and out-of-class time.

What is the difference between graduate certificate and certificate? ›

The main difference between a graduate certificate vs graduate diploma is the time it takes to complete each. Compared to the four-five months it takes to finish a graduate certificate, it takes up to 12 months of full-time study to complete the eight units required in a graduate diploma.

How many credits do you need to pass a year? ›

In every single university, students have to gain credits to pass each academic year, and ultimately to graduate and get their qualification at the end. The typical number of credits required to pass each academic year is 120 credits for an undergraduate degree and 180 credits for a master's degree.

Do employers prefer degrees or certifications? ›

Among technology employers, 47% say skills training credentials are most important when considering a candidate for an entry-level job. Only 26% say college degrees are impactful. Yet, the majority (81%) require degrees.

Do employers check degree certificate? ›

Employers are required to verify a prospective employee's education for several reasons. Their formal education and qualifications are, in many cases, indicative of a person's ability to work in the advertised role. Employers have a responsibility to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and experience to do the job.

Do employers ask for graduate certificates? ›

Some employers may ask for evidence of your degree certificate but not always. They'll only generally ask for the final certificate I believe, so that would be from the university you finished at. If you're worried about this then why not face it head on?

Does graduate certificate mean masters? ›

Graduate certificate programs are typically short, consisting of a few classes that students can complete in a semester or two. A master's degree is a graduate-level academic credential awarded to those who have completed a program that concentrates on a specific subject.

Do online certificates mean anything? ›

If you already have a job, online certificates can boost productivity and growth, which increases your value to your employer. To get the most from listing these certifications in your CV, ensure that they align with the job position you are currently in or aspiring to get.

Can I do Masters after graduate certificate? ›

Yes, absolutely. Most universities announce it as a course students need to complete to get prepared for a Masters degree. So yes, it will be an ideal program for you to study if you want to continue with Masters later on.

Do graduate certificates have GPA? ›

GPA graduation requirement

In order to graduate, students in doctoral programs must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00. Students in master's, diploma and graduate certificate programs must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.70 in order to graduate.

Are certifications better than degrees? ›

Degrees typically provide individuals with a greater depth of knowledge than certificates. Certificate programs usually focus on teaching students specific and practical skills related to that career field.

Is graduate certificate same as bachelors? ›

A Graduate Certificate is a type of postgraduate course that is one level above a bachelor's degree, and normally requires the student to have significant work experience in the area they want to study in.

Can a certificate be called a degree? ›

While certificates do not result in a degree, they are also awarded at undergraduate and graduate levels. And, you may even transfer credits earned from a certificate into a degree program. A few examples of the many certificates available include: Accounting Certificate.

What are the 3 types of graduate degrees? ›

3 types of graduate degrees

Depending on the subject you choose, you may pursue a Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), or something more specialized.

Is being a real estate developer hard? ›

Real estate development is not easy, but it can pay off in a big way. If you are willing to put in the time and money it takes to be a developer, it can be life-changing in a good or bad way!

Who is the biggest real estate developer? ›

Rankings by Total Assets
1.China Evergrande GroupReal Estate Company
2.Sunac ChinaReal Estate Company
3.Tishman SpeyerReal Estate Company
4.Hines GroupReal Estate Company
79 more rows

How do I become a successful real estate developer? ›

You should plan to get your real estate license. It's also helpful to have a bachelor's degree in real estate, business, finance or a related field. The ability to plan and organize projects, general knowledge of real estate and an entrepreneurial mindset are all important skills to become a real estate developer.

Can real estate developers become millionaires? ›

An estimated ninety percent of millionaires were created through real estate investing. Any billionaire in the U.S. or anywhere around the globe that you know of has invested in real estate in some form or the other.

Is real estate development a good career? ›

A real estate career in developing projects can generate the highest profits in any real estate career choice, especially when developing commercial real estate. However, a failed real estate development project will also result in the highest risk and the highest losses.

Can you be a property developer without a degree? ›

You do not need any formal qualifications to become a successful property developer. 2. Knowledge of interior design and building skills: The more work you can do on a property yourself the more profit you can make on the finished product.

How do I become a property developer with little money? ›

How to Get into Property Development with No Money
  1. Visualise Your Success. An essential foundation for success as an entrepreneur in any sector is adopting the right mindset. ...
  2. Learn about the Industry. ...
  3. Get Some Hands-on Experience. ...
  4. Informal Loans. ...
  5. Commercial Finance. ...
  6. Commercial Mortgages. ...
  7. Buy-To-Let Mortgages. ...
  8. Auction Finance.
Feb 25, 2022

Are property developers in demand? ›

Economic growth increases the demand for commercial properties as Gauteng is the economic hub of South Africa and the demand for commercial properties is on the rise as there are different business activities taking place.

How to make money in real estate development? ›

There are generally four different ways to make money in real estate:
  1. Increase a property's value.
  2. Generate regular income through a property.
  3. Buy and hold residential real estate.
  4. Participate in investments that don't require you to buy property.

What is the easiest certificate to get? ›

10 Easy Certifications That Pay Well
  • Human Resources Certifications. ...
  • Marketing Certifications. ...
  • Computer Support Specialist Certification. ...
  • Phlebotomist Certification. ...
  • Project Management Certifications. ...
  • Data Science Certification. ...
  • Personal Trainer Certification. ...
  • UX Certification.
Jan 5, 2023

Can you have too many certifications? ›

There isn't something called "Too many certifications" because the certification is as good as it's journey and it is merely an indication that someone do poccess indepth knowledge in a certain topic or field but certainly doesn't prove competency.

What is the 1 highest paying job? ›

Highest-Paying Careers
RankOccupation2021 Median Wages
Employment column two Annual
1Obstetricians and Gynecologists$208,000+
1Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric$208,000+
1Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons$208,000+
7 more rows

Do certificates look good on resumes? ›

If you have a certification or license that is required or preferred for the role you're applying to, definitely put it on your resume. Beyond that, “like with all information in your resume, you want to feature certifications that are relevant to the role you're pursuing,” Yurovsky says.

Is a certificate good enough? ›

Certifications can give you the chance to learn needed skills, and be a quick way to show employers you have those skills. On the other hand, certifications can require studying or coursework, and cost up to several hundred dollars to take.

What are the pros and cons of certificate? ›

Advantages and Disadvantages of Certifications
  • Advantage: recognition and credit.
  • Advantage: structured learning.
  • Advantage: integrated and holistic approach.
  • Disadvantage: arrogance.
  • Disadvantage: biases.
  • Common problem: shortcuts.
Aug 21, 2019

Are graduate certificates worth IT? ›

Are graduate certificates worth it? For many students, yes, a certificate is often the perfect tool to advance their careers. There are several benefits to graduate certificates that make them a valid option for some professionals and students.

What are the top 10 certification courses in demand? ›

Table of Contents
  • Data Science Certification.
  • Cloud Architect Certification.
  • Business Analytics Certification.
  • Cybersecurity Certification.
  • Blockchain Certification.
  • DevOps Certification.
  • IoT Solutions Certification.
  • Artificial Intelligence Certification.
Jan 25, 2023

Is having a certificate worth IT? ›

Just a few of the many benefits of earning a certificate include gaining a competitive advantage over peers in your field, obtaining new skills to leverage in your current role, increasing your earning potential and demonstrating to your bosses a passion for and commitment to your craft.

What is the easiest graduate program to get into? ›

Here are some of the easiest masters programs to get into:
  • Healthcare Administration. Median Salary: $84K/year. ...
  • Organizational Leadership. Median Salary: $77K/year for MS, $89K/year for MBA. ...
  • Sports Management. ...
  • Education. ...
  • Communication. ...
  • Business Communications. ...
  • Education and Teaching. ...
  • Criminal Justice.
Jan 17, 2023

Can I get into a graduate program with a 2.5 GPA? ›

For more competitive programs, a 3.0 or even higher may be the minimum GPA accepted, but in other cases, schools are more flexible and will admit students with a minimum 2.5, or they may have no GPA cutoff at all.

What is a graduate certificate equivalent to? ›

Similar to a master's degree, a graduate certificate is a credit-based academic credential offered by a university. However, a graduate certificate is more narrowly focused on a specialized field than a master's degree. Graduate certificates are a significantly smaller investment in time and money than a master's.

What is the hardest program to graduate? ›

The hardest degree subjects are Aerospace Engineering, Law, Chartered Accountancy, Architecture, Chemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Psychology, Statistics, Nursing, Physics, Astrophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Astronomy, and Dentistry. Let's dive right in, and look at why these courses are the hardest degree subjects.

What GPA is too low for grad school? ›

Most top-ranked graduate programs typically prefer a GPA of 3.5 or better. Exceptions to this rule occur, of course, but many students give up their quest to attend graduate school due to a low (3.0 or less) GPA.

What is the lowest GPA you need to graduate? ›

While experts say a 2.0 GPA is generally the minimum to receive federal aid and meet graduation requirements, individual scholarships and programs often demand more from a student.

What is the minimum GPA you can graduate with? ›

A 2.0 GPA meets high school graduation requirements but most colleges—and some trade schools—expect a high school GPA of at least 3.0 (B) or better. If you take honors and advanced classes, you can earn additional points toward GPA calculation because these classes have an increased level of difficulty.

How can I increase my chances of getting into grad school? ›

How to Get Into Grad School | Tips for Undergrads
  1. Keep up your grade point average. ...
  2. Choose your courses (and your professors) wisely. ...
  3. Cultivate relationships with your professors. ...
  4. Gain leadership experience through clubs and activities. ...
  5. Carve out time to study for admissions tests.

What majors have the lowest GPA? ›

Science majors tend to have lower GPAs on average, with chemistry being the major with the lowest average GPA.

How many graduate programs should I apply to? ›

How many graduate programs should someone apply to? Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer that applies to every situation. That being said, most experts recommend that individuals apply to a minimum of four graduate programs, and a maximum of around six.

Is a graduate certificate equal to a bachelors? ›

A Graduate Certificate is a short postgraduate qualification that sits one level above a Bachelor Degree. It's made up of just four subjects. Graduate Certificates are designed for those who already have some experience in their industry and want gain more specialised knowledge in a single area.

What is the #1 hardest major? ›

20 Hardest Majors: The Ultimate Guide
  1. Chemistry. At number one on the list is chemistry.
  2. Architecture. ...
  3. Chemical Engineering. ...
  4. Computer Science. ...
  5. Aerospace Engineering. ...
  6. Biomedical Engineering. ...
  7. Materials Engineering. ...
  8. Petroleum Engineering. ...

What is the easiest degree to get online? ›

Easiest Majors and Degrees to Get Online
  • Business. Online business degrees prepare learners for diverse careers. ...
  • Liberal Arts. Liberal arts programs hone critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. ...
  • Education. ...
  • English. ...
  • Nursing. ...
  • Criminal Justice. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Agriculture Science.

What's the easiest degree that makes the most money? ›

8 Easy Degrees That Pay Well
  • Business Administration. Business administration is one major that is usually considered “easy.” Some programs will also only take 3 years to finish! ...
  • English. ...
  • Human Resources. ...
  • Criminal Justice. ...
  • Marketing. ...
  • Supply Chain Management. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • Communication.
Dec 22, 2022

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