Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (2023)

February 1, 2023Catholic News AgencyNews Briefs1Print

Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (2)

St. Louis, Mo., Feb 1, 2023 / 12:23 pm (CNA).

More than 1 million people attended Pope Francis’ Mass celebrated on an airfield in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday morning, according to local authorities. The papal Mass, celebrated in French, was filled with joy and dancing.

Papal Masses, especially in the last 50 years or so, have attracted crowds of millions — many of them at World Youth Days, the massive gatherings of young people that began in 1987 and take place every few years.

Here’s an inexhaustive ranking of some of the biggest papal Masses:

Pope Francis, Manila, 2015: 6-7 million

Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (3)

Residents of the historically Catholic Philippines made a tremendous showing at the final Mass of Pope Francis’ 2015 trip to the Philippines. By official estimates, between 6 and 7 million people packed into Rizal Park in Manila at the final public event during his Jan. 15–19 trip to the country.

The Mass is thought to be the largest papal event in history.

Pope John Paul II, Manila, 1995: 5 million

(Video) Pope Francis in the DRC: Over a million worshippers attend papal mass in Kinshasa • FRANCE 24

Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (4)

An estimated 5 million people turned out for Mass celebrated by the future saint, who was the most traveled pope ever and possibly the most-seen person in history. The attendance numbers set a record that would take years to be broken.

Pope Francis, Rio de Janeiro, 2013: 3 million

Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (5)

Pope Francis’ celebration of the final Mass at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro — his first World Youth Day — set a record as the largest papal event since Manila in 1995. The mayor’s office of Rio de Janeiro estimated that 3.2 million people attended the liturgy at the famous Copacabana Beach.

Pope Francis, Krakow, 2013: 1.5-3 million

Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (6)

Original estimates were of “at least 1.5 million” attendees at the Mass, based on the number of people at the vigil the night before. Though Polish police did not give an estimate, ​​World Youth Day spokesperson Anna Chmura later told Agence France Presse there were between 2.5 and 3 million people.”

Pope Francis, Kinshasa, 2023: 1 million

Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (7)

The Mass in Kinshasa, DRC’s capital city, took place on the airfield of the N’Dolo Airport on the second day of the pope’s trip to two countries in central and east Africa.

Pope Francis celebrated Mass in French, the official language of DRC, and Lingala, the Bantu-based creole spoken in parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo and by millions of speakers across Central Africa. The pope delivered his homily in Italian with French translations for the Mass, which was celebrated according to the Zaire Use of the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

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(Video) LIVE: Pope Francis leads mass in Kinshasa
Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (8)

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Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (11)

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Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (12)

(Video) Pope Francis delivers Mass during trip to Congo

Biggest papal Masses ever: How does today’s Mass in the DRC compare? (13) […]

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    (Video) LIVE | Pope Francis in D. R. Congo | Meeting with young people & catechists | February 2nd 2023

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