Best TV Deals: Save on LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio | Digital Trends (2023)

Getting a new TV can be overwhelming. It’s an expensive purchase that you’ll likely use every single day, and the options seem endless. You might be surprised at how cheap modern 4K TVs are. As new technologies become the norm, the previous premiere models start getting excellent discounts. However, many of these deals come and go quickly as TVs come in and go out of stock. So if you see a deal which catches your eye, snap it up fast to avoid disappointment. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best TV deals from across the internet.


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  • Sony TV Deals
  • Vizio TV Deals
  • Samsung TV Deals
  • How to Choose a TV

LG TV Deals

70-inch LG NanoCell 75-Series 4K TV — $700, was $900

Best TV Deals: Save on LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio | Digital Trends (1)

Why Buy:

  • Big, 70-inch screen size at an affordable price
  • Use your voice to control Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Support for Apple AirPlay 2, HomeKit
  • Great gaming features

LG’s NanoCell TVs represent a great value, with the kind of color and contrast you’d normally find on more expensive models. The built-in WebOS software has been updated for a clean and simple look that makes it easy to access tons of streaming apps from big names like Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Apple TV, Hulu, and more.


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If you own Bluetooth speakers, you can connect them to the NanoCell 75-Series for a quick and easy (and wireless) way to do surround sound without an A/V receiver or a dedicated soundbar. Gamers will appreciate features like auto low-latency mode and TruMotion 120, which improves the refresh rate for a much clearer picture while gaming.

More LG TV Deals

  • 50-inch LG UQ7500 4K TV —
  • 65-inch LG UQ7500 4K TV —
  • 75-inch LG UP7300 4K TV —
  • 55-inch LG B2 OLED 4K TV —
  • 65-inch LG C2 OLED 4K TV —

Sony TV Deals

55-inch Sony A80K OLED 4K TV — $1,500, was $1,600

Best TV Deals: Save on LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio | Digital Trends (2)

Why Buy:

  • The best picture quality in a 4K OLED TV thanks to Sony’s top-flight image processing
  • Google TV for tons of streaming apps and built-in content recommendations
  • Apple AirPlay and Google Assistant built-in
  • Good sound for a TV

This Sony A80K 4K OLED TV offers the best picture quality you can find. But if there’s one thing that will be offputing about this TV it’s the price, though thanks to this discount it’s now a more affordable option.

The A80K is a dream come true for movie and TV show fanatics, with impeccable color accuracy and support for all major flavors of high-dynamic range (HDR), including Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG. And, surprisingly for a flat-screen TV, the built-in speakers sound really good all on their own — largely due to Sony’s unique technology that turns the entire TV screen into a speaker.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this model lacks support for the gaming enhancements of HDMI 2.1. You get HDMI ARC and 4K at 120Hz, but the A80K doesn’t offer variable refresh rate (VRR) or auto low-latency mode (ALLM), both of which are pretty important to PC and console gamers with the latest hardware. They may be added with a future firmware update, but if gaming isn’t a top priority, this TV will absolutely blow you away.

More Sony TV Deals

  • 55-inch Sony X75K 4K TV —
  • 65-inch Sony X75K 4K TV —
  • 65-inch Sony X90K 4K TV —
  • 75-inch Sony X90K 4K TV —
  • 65-inch Sony A80K OLED 4K TV —

Vizio TV Deals

65-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV — $450, was $500

Best TV Deals: Save on LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio | Digital Trends (3)

Why Buy:

  • SmartCast smart software for streaming service access out of the box
  • Share content from iPad, iPhone, or Mac via Apple AirPlay 2.0
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10+ for enhancing content
  • Low input lag for gaming

For under $500, this 65-inch Vizio TV gives you a lot of screen for a small price. The television runs Vizio’s own SmartCast smart software, which is a bit like having a Google Chromecast baked into the television, offering instant access to streaming services like Netflix.

Like all high-resolution 4K TVs worth buying, the Vizio V-Series has HDR on board (in this case, we’re looking at two standards: Dolby Vision and HDR10+) for making movies, shows, and live events appear more lifelike, and has low input lag plus Freesync support if you want to use it for gaming.

More Vizio TV Deals

  • 32-inch Vizio D-Series HDTV —
  • 55-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV —
  • 70-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV —
  • 75-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV —
  • 75-inch Vizio P-Series 4K TV (QLED) —

Samsung TV Deals

75-inch Samsung Class 7 4K TV — $680, was $800

Best TV Deals: Save on LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio | Digital Trends (4)

Why Buy:

  • 75-inch TV for a household name synonymous with quality for under $700
  • One-click access to all the leading streaming services including Disney+
  • 4K Upscale Engine for turning Full HD content into 4K Ultra HD
  • HDR for drawing more detail from the scene at hand

Best Buy’s offer on this 75-inch Samsung TV is a 4K TV deal not to be missed. It’s (of course) a Smart TV, so it can access all the leading streaming services out of the box like Disney+ and has Samsung’s 4K Upscale Engine on board for showing HD content in a 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Our one gripe with the Samsung Class 7 is that it only has two HDMI slots on board, so you’ll want to invest in an HDMI splitter if you’re wanting to hook up a set-top box and other accessories, like a PS5. One of these will set you back around $30 — but that’s a small price to take home 65-inch TV for only $500.

More Samsung TV Deals

  • 50-inch Samsung TU690T 4K TV —
  • 75-inch Samsung TU690T 4K TV —
  • 65-inch Samsung Q60B QLED 4K TV —
  • 50-inch Samsung The Frame QLED 4K TV —
  • 55-inch Samsung S95B OLED 4K TV —

How to Choose a TV

The most important thing to consider when shopping for a TV is the size of the television, frame included. You need to know your limit (and stick to it). After all, the last thing you want to do is shell out for new TV only to find it won’t fit through the door, let alone on the wall. Having 60 inches to spare doesn’t mean you can steam in with a 60-inch 4K TV. This measurement is just the size of the screen, which is often enclosed in a frame that adds an extra inch or two to each side. So consult the dimensions.

Once you’ve set a realistic limit, it’s time to start considering the features you need. There’s a lot to choose from, ranging from Roku’s beloved Roku OS smart software on TCL’s 4K TVs to Google Assistant on most Sony and Vizio models. We suggest taking a long think about the tools that will make your life easier. If you hate scrolling and would rather have the option to tell your television what to do, opt for a Sony or Vizio. However, if you’re after the largest selection of streaming services in town, it’s best to go with a TCL.

What size TV do I need?

Don’t fall into the trap of rushing into a deal on a television that’s far too large to fit into the space you have available. Instead, take a second before you start your search to measure the height, width, and depth of your desired location. Make a note of everything, too, as you’re going to compare them to the dimensions of the television itself — as well as the width of the stand if you’re planning on placing it on a console table — to make sure it will fit.

Done? Now use a viewing distance calculator to work out the ideal screen size for how far away you’re going to be sitting. As soon as you have this measurement, compare it to the space available, and decide on a suitable size. For instance, if the calculator recommends an 80-inch display and you only have enough space for a 55-inch, stop there. But if you were eyeing a 50-inch and the calculator suggests a 65-inch, it’s probably best to upsize.

Best TV Deals: Save on LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio | Digital Trends (5)

Remember what we said earlier, though — it isn’t all about screen size. You need to consider the entire footprint of the television to determine whether it will fit into the place you have in mind. It’s not uncommon to find a TV that measures in at 65 inches but has a 60-inch screen at the center. It all depends on how wide the bezel surrounding the display is and whether there are any design features that take up additional living room real estate.

Do I need an OLED TV or a QLED TV?

QLED TV and OLED TV are two terms thrown around a lot, but what do they mean? Put simply, they’re the name of two different screen technologies that are a step up from the LED display on your current HDTV or 4K TV. Both deliver superior brightness, more accurate color reproduction, and deeper black levels (thus greater detail), but which do youneed if a regular LED 4K TV — which will go down a treat for most of us — just won’t cut it for you?

In a nutshell, QLED is the better all-rounder excelling in natural light — so if you’re looking for something to watch a movie, a show, or even play a game in broad daylight with the drapes open, opt for one of Samsung’s QLEDs. For everyone else, we’d suggest an LG or Sony OLED (although, it’s the latter that delivers the best home viewing experience). They have a better viewing angle, can reach a more obsidian-like black level, and consume less power.

What is HDR, and do I need it?

Short for High-Dynamic Range, HDR delivers a higher level of contrast between light and dark, while utilizing a wider selection of colors, to create a much more realistic image. This may not sound like the be all and end all, but it is — representing a significant step up from standard 4K Ultra HD. So if you’re buying a new television in 2020, you’re going to definitely want to make sure it has HDR on board in the form of HLG, Dolby Vision or HDR10.

Do I need a 4K TV or an 8K TV?

For those looking to take their home entertainment setup to the next level, Samsung’s 8K TVs are an attractive proposition. Keep in mind, though, that 8K Ultra HD content is few and far between, so you’ll be betting on networks adopting the standard in the future — and with 4K Ultra HD having only just ventured into the mainstream, there is a lot of work to be done before 8K Ultra HD replaces it, so purchasing an 8K TV right now is outright risky.

Instead, we recommend taking your entire budget and pouring it into the best OLED or QLED you can find, depending on your preference. If you’re after the former, the Sony Master Series A9G is our top pick. For the latter, it’s the Samsung Q90R that wins. Opting for an OLED or QLED will serve you better in the long run. You won’t run the risk of owning an 8K TV that may become obsolete sooner rather than later. Or, at least, before 8K Ultra HD becomes the new broadcasting standard, whenever that may be.

Best TV Deals: Save on LG, Samsung, Sony and Vizio | Digital Trends (6)

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Which TV brand is better Sony or LG? ›

Sony vs LG

LG is the dominant OLED brand for OLEDs because they have better gaming performance and generally cost less. However, Sony's LED models are far better than LG's because they get brighter, have better uniformity, and usually have better contrast.

Which company is best for TV LG or Samsung? ›

When it comes to Samsung TV vs LG TV, QLED TVs from Samsung is the superior of the two brands. Along with this, for people who are looking for an enhanced contrast ratio and a wider viewing angle, LG OLED TVs are a good way to go.

Which brand is best for TV 2022? ›

What is the best TV brand?
  • SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95B Series - Quantum HDR OLED Self-Illuminating LED Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (QN65S95BAFXZA, 2022 Model) ...
  • LG - OLED Evo C2 Series 65” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV. ...
  • Sony BRAVIA XR A95K 65" ...
  • TCL 75-inch 6-Series. ...
  • Hisense 65-inch U7G ULED 4K HDR TV.
Jan 6, 2023

Are Sony TVs better than Samsung and LG? ›

Sony is generally ranked above Samsung & LG because even its low refresh rate TVs come with MotionFlow Technology, which unlike Samsung & LG TVs, works towards minimizing motion blur.

Is LG better than Samsung? ›

Who is winning between LG and Samsung? LG manufactures OLED displays, which are considered to be the best in terms of color and contrast. Samsung still uses QLED technology, which can't quite match OLED for picture quality.

Is Sony brand better than Samsung? ›

Samsung's brand is ranked #103 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Samsung. Their current market cap is $263.86B. Sony's brand is ranked #218 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Sony. Their current market cap is $76.24B.
Samsung vs Sony.

Which TV brand is best buy? ›

The 6 Best TV Brands - Winter 2023 Reviews
  • Best Hisense TV. Hisense U8H. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best LG TV. LG G2 OLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Samsung TV. Samsung S95B OLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Sony TV. Sony A95K OLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best TCL TV. TCL 6 Series/R655 2022 QLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Vizio TV. Vizio OLED 2020. SEE PRICE.
Feb 7, 2023

Why LG TV is better than Samsung? ›

Samsung vs LG TVs: Formats and operating systems

LG has the advantage here, given Dolby Vision has a 12-bit color gamut to HDR10+'s 10-bit. It's also a bit more widely supported. There's also the TV software to consider. To be clear, both LG's WebOS and Samsung's Tizen support all the major streaming apps.

Which is No 1 brand in TV? ›

Best Overall - Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV

Sony's sound quality is class apart.

Is Costco a good place to buy a TV? ›

If you're in the market for a new TV, Costco should definitely be on your list of places to look. Not only does Costco sell a wide range of some of the highest quality TVs on the market–they also offer them at competitive prices.

Which brand of TV is most reliable? ›

But if you're looking for a TV set that is going to last for years to come, here is your list:
  • LG — Most Reliable Overall. ↳ Extra marks go to the C2 OLED TV.
  • Sony — Most Reliable Sports TVs.
  • Samsung — Most Reliable High-End TVs. ...
  • HiSense — Most Reliable Budget TVs. ...
  • Vizio — Most Reliable Gaming TVs.
Jan 17, 2023

Should I buy a Sony or LG OLED TV? ›

The Sony delivers slightly better picture quality, as it has better gradient handling and a much better color volume. On the other hand, the LG is a better choice for gaming, as it has a lower input lag, and it supports advanced gaming features like VRR and 'Auto Low Latency Mode'.

Why Sony TV is better than Samsung? ›

Sony currently favours OLED, while Samsung champions QLED. Secondly, Sony TVs tend to use the Android TV operating system whereas Samsung favours its own platform, Tizen. Lastly, the rivals brands support different forms of HDR – Sony partners with Dolby Vision, while Samsung is championing its own HDR10+ format.

Is it worth it to buy a LG TV? ›

LG TVs: Best OLED TVs for movies and gaming

Leger, LG makes the best quality screens for movies. “Its OLED panels pack a punch — with excellent processing, deep blacks and vivid colors across the board — while the webOS smart platform is possibly the best in the business,” he explained.

Why LG TV is the best? ›

LG's OLEDs have many more gaming features and generally cost less, but Sony's LED options usually have VA panels, making for a better dark room experience, and they have better color accuracy. LG's OLEDs are among the best on the market, with stunning picture quality, and they're often cheaper than other OLEDs.

Is Samsung or LG more reliable? ›

Collectively, their refrigerators are some of the most reliable in the market. Due to their popularity too, it is also easier to fix an LG or Samsung refrigerator. However, LG refrigerators are a little more reliable than Samsung refrigerators.

Why Sony TV is best? ›

Its immersive low-end sound quality makes it perfect for movies, music, and sports lovers. Also, it offers a parental control feature that helps you set your children's daily watch time limits. This TV by Sony offers lifelike HDR picture quality with Dolby Audio Sound.

Are Samsung TV worth buying? ›

Samsung, in general, makes very good TVs. Their range has crept up in price over time, but most people will still find a TV that suits their needs within it. Their smart features aren't the best, but they're still quite good. They're usually quite versatile and fit most uses.

How long do Sony TVs usually last? ›

The average lifespan of an LED at maximum or close-to-maximum brightness is 40,000 to 60,000 hours, or roughly 4.5 to 6.8 years. If you aren't watching TV for 24 hours a day (which I hope you're not), an LED TV like the 6-Series could last around 13 years, provided none of the other components fail beforehand.

Which TV is best and cheap? ›

1-16 of 573 results for "Low Price TV"
  • TCL 108 cm (43 inches) Metallic Bezel-Less Series 4K Ultra HD Smart LED Google TV 43P635 (Black) ...
  • VU 164 cm (65 inches) The GloLED Series 4K Smart LED Google TV 65GloLED (Grey) ...
  • LG 81.28 cm (32 Inches) Full HD Smart LED TV 32LQ6360PSA (Black) (2022 Model) ...
  • realme Smart Tv Stick 4K.

Which TV is best with price? ›

TV Price in India
Best TV ModelsPrice
Xiaomi Smart TV 5A 32 inch HD ready Smart LED TV₹12999
Xiaomi Smart TV 5A 43 inch Full HD Smart LED TV₹23999
Samsung UA32T4380AK 32 inch HD ready Smart LED TV₹13490
Xiaomi Smart TV 5A 40 inch Full HD Smart LED TV₹19999
6 more rows

Is Vizio a good brand of TV? ›

Overall, Vizio TVs are well-priced and have great picture quality. However, they don't have the high-end feel as some other brands, and their OS is laggy at times and not as full-featured as the competitors, as there are often a ton of bugs associated with their TVs that can even get worse over time.

Which is better OLED or QLED? ›

OLED has better contrast and black level

QLED/LCD TVs, even the best ones with the most effective full-array local dimming, let some light through, leading to more washed-out, grayer black levels and blooming around bright sections.

How long do LG TVs last? ›

On average, LG TVs last roughly 100,000 hours if they use OLED technology. However, the number drops to about 60,000 hours if it's an LCD TV. Other factors such as the usage and environmental elements also play a role in determining the lifespan.

Which brand TV lasts the longest? ›

As our technical engineers mentioned, TV brands with the highest longevity are Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic. However, you can find other affordable brands that could give you several years of use if well maintained. These brands include Sharp and Vizio.

What is the best size smart TV to buy? ›

For crowded rooms, you should go with at least a 40-inch screen if you are seated more than six feet from the TV. A 50-inch screen is good within 7.5 feet of the TV. If you are 9 feet away, a 60-inch screen is probably as small as you want to go.

Is Sony best TV brand? ›

Sony: Best upscaling and motion processing

In the TV world, Sony is the equivalent of old money – they've been making high-end TVs since the late '60s, and that experience shows in the highly polished Bravia TVs they sell, and the excellent performance those TVs provide.

Is it better to buy a smart TV or a regular TV? ›

PRO: Stream Content Easier

The most significant advantage of a smart TV is the endless hours of entertainment, courtesy of all those streaming apps. You'll never run out of things to watch with platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

Which type of TV has the sharpest picture? ›

You want the best possible picture quality, regardless of price: OLED TVs produce the best HDR picture quality, the best motion, and the widest viewing angles of any TV currently available.

Which TV display is better for eyes? ›

To sum it up, OLED displays are better for your eyesight. They have more natural lighting, better color contrast, and a wider color range. However, no matter what type of display you have, you will hurt your eyesight if you don't practice safe TV viewing.

Do more expensive TVs have better picture quality? ›

Typically, a good 4K TV will have around four times as many pixels as an older “HD TV.” This translates to a viewing experience that offers much more clarity in everything you watch.

What is the most sold TV? ›

In 2020, Samsung remained the most popular smart TV brand among U.S. households, with a steady share of 28 percent. Alcatel/TCL and Vizio rounded out the top of the list, with 13 and 12 percent market share, respectively.

Are Samsung TVs sold at Costco different? ›

Samsung TVs sold at Costco will often differ by just one number or letter. For example, you'll find the Samsung QN65Q8DA at Costco and other clubs and the Samsung QN65Q80A at Amazon and Best Buy. Sony TVs often differ by just a digit or two.

Is it better to buy from Costco or Best Buy? ›

Best Buy's brand is ranked #101 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Best Buy. Their current market cap is $28.95B. Costco's brand is ranked #3 in the list of Global Top 100 Brands, as rated by customers of Costco.

Did Costco stop selling Vizio TVs? ›

VIZIO sells products through Costco stores nationwide. Purchase VIZIO products at your local Costco location or online at

What is the TV of the Year 2022? ›

For the last five years, the TCL 6-Series has been our favorite TV for the money, and the 2022 version -- also known as the R655 series -- is no exception.

What is the downside of OLED TVs? ›

OLED TVs Are Susceptible to Burn-Ins

This occurs due to uneven degradation of pixels over a long period. The individual pixels that turn on to display static images on your TV degrade faster than the pixels surrounding them. This image retention is permanent, and you'll notice it the most when your screen is white.

What are the disadvantages of OLED TV? ›

Besides the noted advantages of OLED display, some of the disadvantages include: Shorter lifetime then some other display technologies. This shorter lifetime is mainly due to the blue organic material but lifetime gets better all the time but is also due to moisture migration. Poor sunlight readability.

Is Sony OLED better than Samsung? ›

The Samsung S95B OLED is much better than the Sony A80K OLED. The Samsung has a QD-OLED panel, allowing it to get brighter and display a wider range of colors than the Sony. The Samsung TV also has better gaming performance with its lower input lag.

Are Sony better than LG? ›

Verdict: While the brands offer comparative technology, LG has a slight edge in its offering of QNED and premium sets for those for who money is no object. Still, it's pretty close, with Sony offering a good range of models.

Is Sony TV better than Vizio? ›

The Vizio has a higher contrast ratio, better color gamut, and gets brighter. However, the Sony has a better local dimming feature and better color accuracy.

What is special about Sony Bravia? ›

Sony Bravia X95J

The new Bravia X95J from Sony is one of the best the brand has to offer. It comes in 65, 75, and 85-inch screen sizes and uses a full array LED panels. Plus, it supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 to give you crystal clear images, excellent contrast, and bold colors.

Which TV brand is best? ›

The 6 Best TV Brands - Winter 2023 Reviews
  • Best Hisense TV. Hisense U8H. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best LG TV. LG G2 OLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Samsung TV. Samsung S95B OLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Sony TV. Sony A95K OLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best TCL TV. TCL 6 Series/R655 2022 QLED. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Vizio TV. Vizio OLED 2020. SEE PRICE.
Feb 7, 2023

Which is better Sony LED or LG LED? ›

Sony LED TV models are far better than LG TVs because they get brighter, have better uniformity, and usually have better contrast.

Why is Sony TV more expensive than Samsung? ›

Sony TVs tend to be expensive in part because the company offers several OLED TVs, which tend to cost more, and because it stopped making lower-end LED/LCD sets.

What is the #1 TV brand? ›

5 best TV brands in 2023, according to tech experts. Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, TLC: These leading TV brands typically dominate, but there's more to consider than just size and resolution.

Which company is No 1 in TV? ›

Best Overall - Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV.

Should you buy LED or OLED? ›

Better Picture Quality—OLEDs beat out LEDs in terms of picture quality in a variety of categories. Since the pixels are able to turn off completely, OLEDs produce superior black levels and contrast, which results in a more vivid and lifelike picture.

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